HaTCH and FastLane Launch Suite of Accessible Solutions for the Tech Community



Partnership sees a range of high quality and affordable services for entrepreneurs
and start-ups

The booming start-up scene across Asia is growing at a rapid pace, and while it
doesn’t lack in innovation, multi-disciplinary professional services are often left
on the back burner. With the focus on securing funding, scaling, and creativity all
within tight budgets, start-ups often neglect operational aspects that can make
the difference between success and failure.

This critical gap being filled by HaTCH and FastLane Group Limited with high
quality and affordable accounting, audit and corporate structuring services,
along with access to the hiring of top talent.

The unique suite of solutions is made possible by HaTCH, the programme from
Global Recruitment Specialist Ambition helping start-ups access talent, and
FastLane Group, that has a strong track record of helping start-ups in Hong Kong
grow with multi-disciplinary professional services.

“We are very excited about partnering with FastLane, offering a complete
solution to start-up clients. The partnership allows us to furnish our recruitment
expertise and at the same time provide accounting and corporate services
targeting entrepreneurs and start-up business,” says Chris Aukland, Managing
Director of Ambition’s Hong Kong operations.

The partnership will also provide practical knowledge through events,
workshops and referrals, and establish a 360-degree platform suited to the
needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs. “We see HaTCH as the ideal recruitment
partner to assist in the talent sourcing & management of fast growing
companies,” says Alex So, Founder and Managing Partner of FastLane Group.

Utilising cloud technology to offer affordable professional services for early stage
and startup companies, FastLane Group helps these nascent operations manage
their day-to-day business, make strategic decisions, as well as communicate with
their company stakeholders.

“Companies that scale up quickly require strong attention on business
development and continuous improvements to their solutions but at the same
time cannot ignore the statutory obligations and having up-to-date financial
information,” So adds.

About FastLane Group
FastLane Group is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary professional firm
offering a comprehensive suite of services from accounting, audit and assurance,
taxation, company formation and corporate services, human resources and
payroll outsourcing, and CFO advisory services.

About HaTCH/Ambition
HaTCH is a unique recruitment offering, exclusively for the start-up community.
HaTCH has been developed for start-ups to access talent early in their life-cycle,
through manageable fees and critical talent advisory services. With our extensive
market knowledge and experience in this space, our team of specialist recruiters
is committed to finding the best talent to fulfil your objectives – whether that’s a
Series A, Series B or a future IPO.

The working partnerships we have built with our clients are a testament to the
quality of our network, the calibre of our team, and our passion and underlying
commitment to delivering the highest possible standards of quality and service.
As part of our commitment in APAC to support, grow, and fuel the start-up
ecosystem in the region, HaTCH is a specialist offering that includes the following
services: – Instalment Pricing – Remuneration Consulting – Talent &
Organisational Consulting – Brand Consulting – Industry-specific & Networking
Events – Dedicated Account Team.

For information, please contact:

FastLane Group
Alex So
+852 3956 9770
Room 1405, 14/F., 135 Bonham Strand Trade Centre, 135 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Justin Leung
+852 3103 4327
Level 25, 28 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong

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